New_Logo_Cerasella_200x134px[1] Collection FW15-16

Carasella Milano: the harmony, the style between aesthetics and natural trend.

The lines are elegant and refined, the foot is wrapped with a sophisticated sensuality that characterizes all the creations.
Even the most classic between the woman’s shoes, the neckline is perfect. All plays on equilibria: a sinuous cut to “S” draws the foot, the neckline is light and the tip is seductive.
The solder them are embellished with crystals super bright, decorations normality gold catalyze attention and read “golden plates” embroider the heels.
The Superlatives boots who live in three heights.
A vision of beauty that puts emphasis on the heel: “Nothing is more feminine, bold, alluring a heel 12 “, says Gabriella cerasella  Ionascu, designer and founder of the brand Made in Italy.
Soft are the suede and the tassel precious lastracan, the python and elaphe.
A confident manner and decided that imposes only materials of high value.
The collection FW15-16choose shades that change from green forest to bordeaux, passing through the gray and most classic black &white and bare. A foray into more red between the reds for the pump that can not conquer who watches it and the wearer.
Cerasella Milan, with the sophistication it soothes the infinite passion of women for the shoes.